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St. Petersburg has many faces. Everyone finds here something dear to their heart.

Art lovers are lured by St. Petersburg’s cultural treasures: fascinating museums, art galleries, theatres, music venues. Party-goers discover that Russia’s northern capital virtually never sleeps hanging out in famous bars and clubs. Foodies find their heaven in city’s diverse and mouth-watering restaurants and cafés. Besides, you will hardly find any other place wrapped in so many legends, exciting stories and myths. No matter where you go St. Petersburg’s amazing history reveals everywhere: in gorgeous palaces and parks, magnificent churches, and historic monuments.

Like many guides of our team I was born in St. Petersburg. I have a degree in Linguistics and have been a tour guide for 6 years. I enjoy my work. It is a great chance to meet different people, share my passion for this incredible city, every time discovering something new about it with their help. Having visited St Petersburg once, you will want to come back. This place is truly addictive. :)

Petersburg is a world-class destination. This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on the earth, and virtually any building in the historic center, threaded with canals and dotted with baroque bridges, can be considered an attraction—and indeed, this magical city has a long list of the major attractions.

My aim is to make you fall in love with the city of White nights, draw bridges, rivers and canals, unique architecture and rich history, the way I did it myself when I first saw it.

Although my native town is Rybinsk, a small provincial town in the central part of our country, I live in Saint-Petersburg at the moment. And I believe, the fact that I was not born here allows me to appreciate the place even more.

Like many members of our company I graduated from Saint-Petersburg University with degree in Linguistics & Intercultural Communication. I’ve been working as a licensed tour guide since I was a student, and the more I do it, the more I like it. The most thrilling thing about my job is the opportunity to meet people of different cultures from all over the world and to share my love to the city with them.

Since I was born in the end of Soviet era I have seen many changes which the country has lived through. So I conduct various excursions trying to cover all the aspects of city’s history. During different tours you will have the opportunity to catch the spirit of Tsarist, Soviet and modern Russia.

If you see Saint-Petersburg once, you`ll never forget it. Let me do my best to make this visit “A visit to remember”!

So many words have already been said about Saint-Petersburg, a number of contradictory stories will appear in the nearest future… Why not to visit the city and make your own judgment of it?

Don’t hesitate! Just come and see!

Like all the members of our company, I am a professional licensed guide with a linguistic background (Degree in Linguistics & Cross-cultural Communication) and will be glad to show you the highlights of the city, to share my knowledge of it with you. I conduct different tours of the city and the suburban former royal residences. Being born in Saint-Petersburg, I’ll try to make your stay in the city unforgettable and to give the comprehensive overview of “Venice of the North”. Why not to spend your holidays in St. Petersburg and make your own judgment of it?

You’re always welcome! (-:

Hello! My name is Kate, and I am WhiteNightsTravel guide. I think that St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It could be ranked among such places as London, Paris, Barcelona, Washington. There is so much to see that you need at least several weeks to explore the major sights. My favourites are two famous art galleries: the Hermitage and the Russian museum. I am a big fan of painting and sculpture. Originally my major was linguistics, but then I became interested in art. I have Master of Art Curatorship. I invite you to come to St.Petersburg and share my passion to it! ;)

St. Petersburg, Russia, is a special city with its own charm and character, magnificent architecture and 300 years of extremely rich history. I really love my native city and want the other people feel the same especially after a tour to St Petersburg.

I have been interested in the history of my city since my childhood and I keep studying it now. The profession of a guide helps me in it. I graduated from the University with degree in Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication. During my study I took a tour guides training course, which helped me to see my city in a different way. Like many people I like traveling. I have visited many countries and many cities, but the more I travel the higher I value the beauty and charm of my native city!

St Petersburg is one of the miracles of the world. It not only has beautiful architecture, world famous museums with exquisite art collections, magnificent royal palaces with luxurious interiors - it also has a soul of its own. You can not see it in movies or find it in the internet. You can only feel it when you come here yourself. So you are welcome to St. Petersburg and I hope this trip will become one of the best experiences of your life.


About me

It is for three centuries now that Saint-Petersburg delights visitors to the northern capital of Russia with its majestic appearance. Few cities in the world can rival Saint-Petersburg in the amazing fastness of its birth, development and flowering. The granite ledges of embankments, metal arrows of drawbridges, imposing silhouettes of churches, palaces and monuments, as well as museums, theatres and libraries won to the city on the Neva a worldwide renown. Founded by Peter the Great on the Baltic borders of Russia, Saint-Petersburg grew to become, within merely two decades, the brilliant capital of the Russian Empire.

Saint-Petersburg is my hometown where I have lived my entire life. I graduated from the University with a degree in Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication. I enjoy my work. It helps me to see the city afresh through the eyes of each visitor, to share their excitement at what they are seeing. Come with me and explore the best Saint-Petersburg has to offer. I will ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia – the former capital of the Russian Empire and one of the biggest cultural centers of the country. St. Petersburg is a place where the past meets the present. You can see it everywhere: in city’s architecture, local traditions, folklore and people.
I was born in St. Petersburg and have been living here all my life. I can not imagine living somewhere else (though I enjoy traveling and miss the sunshine in winter here). I am a languages graduate and I have been working as St. Petersburg guide for 4 years. Like all guides in White Nights Travel team I am licensed to provide tours in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. My interests are travelling, photography, history, St. Petersburg history in particular. I also like city’s rich folklore. I collect legends and myths about St. Petersburg. I often add these stories to my tours, as it provides the insight into St. Petersburg sights, city’s culture and life of citizens. There is so much to see and do in St. Petersburg, the city is worthy of several visits. I would recommend to start with a boat tour which is a great introduction to major St. Petersburg attractions. Good thing to do before you leave is to climb up St. Isaac’s colonnade and see St. Petersburg sights from bird’s eye view.
No matter whether you travel to St. Petersburg for the first time or it is your second or third visit, this city will stay with you forever.


About me

What have you heard about Russia and its former capital St.Petersburg? Does it seem to be a wild eastern country with bears walking on the streets or the land full of mistery where people never forget its contradictory history? Whatever you expect you will always be suprised. St.Petersburg, founded only because one person, Peter the Great, wanted it, was aimed to surprise even Russians. It was an imperial capital  designed by European architects and built by serfs. It was the first artificial city in Russia, city of bright colours and white nights, city of palaces and parks, city of writers and poets. The best way to discover all secrets of St.Petersburg and feel its soul is of course to travel with a local guide.

I was born in St.Petersburg and lived there all my life. After I graduated from the University with degree in Linguistics & Cross-cultural Communication I decided to do what I like the most and started working as a guide. Meeting interesting people every day and sharing the beauty of my city is a real pleasure to me. Whether you want to visit museums, go to the theatre or try the best of Russian cuisine I will be glad to accompany you and help to discover the very best of St.Petersburg.


About me

I am happy to name Saint-Petersburg my native city, because I was born and have lived here ever since.  I graduated from the University with degree in Linguistics & Cross-cultural Communication. During my study I took a tour guides training course and I genuinely enjoy my profession that gives me the opportunity to show off my beautiful city and to meet many interesting people. As an experienced traveller I am convinced that Saint-Petersburg is a unique and magnificent city and it’s really worth visiting it especially during the time of white nights. I conduct various excursions in St Petersburg trying to cover all the aspects of the history of the city and our modern life. During different tours you will have the opportunity to feel the spirit of the royal epoch, revolution and Soviet times. Having lived here for all my life, I am happy to share my knowledge of this wonderful city with our guests. (;


About me

Saint-Petersburg, this peerless dream of a city came into existence 300 years ago by the will of one person only - our greatest emperor Peter the First. Being a rather young city, it has already got the history which could be compared to the oldest European capitals. It is no mere chance that we call it the cradle of Russian classical culture, as with the help of this particular city the world can now enjoy many famous writers, poets, composers, musicians and painters. The whole city is a quintessence of art and beauty. I’m inviting you to discover your own St. Petersburg. No doubt you’ll see what has never been seen before. Emperors and empress, architects and ladies-in-waiting, field marshals and ballerinas - all of them left a mark on the wide squares, loud prospects and mysterious streets, in quiet churches and on silent monuments, in the baroque palace chambers, tenderloin taverns and on the majestic theatre stages, in people's minds, in the air, in the city's heart. I will be glad to keep you company in this marvelous adventure, which would take us through centuries.

I have a degree in Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication and that allows me to find a way to cooperate with people from different countries and continents. I adore meeting people from different parts of our planet as it broadens my mind and allows me to see the world from a different perspective.

After graduating I took a tour guide training course and now I have this wonderful opportunity of sharing with you all the things I learnt about that beautiful city, its history and Russian culture in general.

White Nights Travel is at your service at any time, we are here to make your journey as remarkable, comfortable and interesting as possible. Welcome! (or, as we say it in Russia, "dobro pojalovat")