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Petersburg accomodation

Petersburg accomodation

St Petersburg (or sankt Petersburg as it is called in Russia) is often called the tourist capital of the country. There are hundreds museums, art galleries, theatres including world famous ones like Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky, sights and monuments included on UNESCO World Heritage list. Over the last decade a lot has been done to make Russian sankt Petersburg a tourist-friendly city: everywhere in the city you can find English signs and maps, shops and restaurants have staff speaking foreign languages, more and more museums are becoming accessible, travel companies offer all kinds of tours in different languages. There are a lot of options for those who look for petersburg accommodation. Choose among world-famous historical hotels, modern boutique- and mini-hotels, fully-equipped and furnished and apartments in the downtown to find your perfect petersburg accommodation. No matter when you come to sankt Petersburg you are mostly welcome. White Nights Travel is here to help you with your Russian visa, petersburg accommodation, tours and any other activities that the tourist capital of Russia has to offer.

St Petersburg is not by chance called “the cultural capital of Russia” – you can visit more than 200 museums here from massive ones like the Hermitage or Russian Museum to quite small ones, which are nevertheless fascinating and worth seeing.

Museum of Musical Instruments at Sheremetyev Palace
The Sheremetyev  Palace on the river Fontanka has one of the best collections of musical instruments in the world. The museum features not only a great display, but also restored interiors of the former aristocratic palace, a rich concert programme and often becomes a place for various exhibitions.  In the museum you will see Russian bells, copies of ancient Etruscan musical instruments made in 19th century from the originals found during archeological excavations and many others. You can not only see, but also hear musical instruments, which makes it a good place to visit with kids.
Petersburg accomodation

Toy Museum
Another option for those travelling to sankt petersburg, with children is Toy Museum. Its collection numbers about 2000 exhibits collected in Russian villages, received as gifts, purchased at auctions, from collectors and in antique shops. They include, for instance, Italian street theatre puppets or Japanese kites made of rice paper. Traditional Russian toys of Dymkovo, Filimonovo and Bogorodskoe  serve as excellent examples of traditional Russian folk art. The museum also has a wide range of modern handmade toys and gives visitors the opportunity to play with some of the exhibits.

St Petersburg Doll Museum
Sankt Petersburg Doll Museum will be interesting for both adults and kids. Its collection shows the history of dolls from ancient times to the present. Here you will find traditional Russian dolls, matryoshkas, dolls made of beads, fabrics and porcelain. It is possible to visit a workshop and see how the souvenir dolls are made.

St Petersburg World of Water
Housed in the old red-brick water-tower this museum has become one of the most interesting attractions in St Petersburg. The water-tower was built in the middle of the 19th century when St Petersburg got its first water supply system.  There is a lot to see here: models of ancient water-pimping device, the interior of an old bathroom, a collection of lavatory chains, a model of a sewer and many other objects showing the history of water supply and pumping. The museum also offers interactive tours for children.

St Petersburg State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art
The museum is located in the building of the former Management Board of Imperial Theaters in Ostrovskogo Square close to Alexandrinsky Opera and Drama Theatre. The display shows the history of the Russian theatre from its beginning to the middle of the 20th century. Here you will see the sketches for scenery and costumes by celebrated Russian artists, including works by Malevich and Vrubel.

Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Flat-Museum
The museum is a reconstructed flat of the great Russian composer, where he spent the last fifteen years of his life and composed eleven operas (including “Sadko” and “The Tsar’s Bride”). They managed to reconstruct not only rooms, but an artistic atmosphere of the place. As in old days you can listen to music in the museum’s concert hall.

St Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. The greatest artists, composers and writers lived and worked in this city. Today during your holiday st petersburg you may visit the palaces that were designed by the prominent architects, visit the memorial museums of the great Russian writers. While planning your holiday st petersburg, you should ask the russian travel agency help you to compose the itinerary that covers not only the most famous and visited sights of St Petersburg but also some unique places that still have the atmosphere of the previous times. russian travel agency will also recommend you some interesting hotels. During your holiday st petersburg you may stay in one of the boutique hotels with unusual interior decoration of the rooms. If you choose to stay in a big hotel, it is less expensive to book it at the russian travel agency. As for the mini hotels you may book it yourself as there is hardly any difference in the room rates for individual travellers or the package-holiday makers. Whatever type of accommodation you choose, try to book a hotel in the city centre. Thus you will save time and money on transportation to the city museums.

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