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Petersburg travel

Bring something memorable from a petersburg travel is a sacred duty for every tourist. An alternative to traditional Russian souvenirs like matryoshka dolls or military caps can be a tasty souvenir. We are going to talk about local sweets, cakes and other delicious souvenirs to take home.

Petersburg travel
St Petersburg chocolate is well-known throughout Russia, some of the have a long history like Krupskaya Chocolate Factory.  It s chocolate has become a visiting card of St Petersburg. You can find various chocolate items under this brand in Krupskaya trademark shops, supermarkets, gift shops and even some bookstores.  A chocolate bat or a box of chocolates depicting old St. Petersburg watercolours, Russian fairy tales or masterpieces from the Russian Museum’s collection would make a nice sweet gift . Another local confectionary brand “Cameo” has a wide range of chocolates in boxes featuring famous St Petersburg sights, Hermitage Museum masterpieces or matryoshka dolls. You can find Cameo’s sweets (all made of natural ingredients) in shops around the city, but the full range can be found in their trademark shop in the downtown.

One of the oldest confectionary factory in Russia is Samoylova  Factory ( “Red October”). It maintains the traditions of the Russian art of confectionary. It was founded in St Petersburg in 1862 by confectioner George Borman and produced sweets, chocolate, sponges, fruit jelly, caramel, wafers and other sweet delicacies. The George Borman Factory was closed and nationalized after the revolution in 1917, however, it was soon revived under a different name “Samoylova Factory” which became one of the renowned confectionary brands in 20th century. One of its specialties is tender marshmallow with vanilla, cranberry, crème brûlée or blackcurrant flavor.

No list of sweet souvenirs would be complete without the Tula spice cake.  It is not a St. Petersburg delicacy, but it has centuries old history and is one of the most popular spice cakes in Russia. Peter the Great, who was not a sweet tooth according to contemporaries, liked spice cakes. It was the only sweet thing he ate. Spice cakes like those they make in Tula can not be found anywhere but in that town, but nowadays they are sold in St. Petersburg  confectionary shops too. Traditional Tula “printed” spice cakes are baked in a special oven in wooden “print boards cut by hand. Printed spice cakes have different patterns: flowers, coat-of-arms, views of cities.
Petersburg travel

St Petersburg company “Pekar” (“Baker”) is another well-known local confectionary brand. It was founded in 1913 and since then has been producing delicious cream cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate wafers and Eastern sweetmeats – kozinaki and sherbet.  St. Petersburg confectionary factory “Petra plus” specializes on Eastern sweetmeats. Their bakhlava and cookies with dried fruit and nuts can be found in confectionary shops and city’s cafes and restaurants.

Russian sweets will be a great memory of your trip as well as a good gift. On your return home it will be nice to tell your family and friends about your travel to St Petersburg over a cup of tea or coffee with Russian sweet presents.

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