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Travel agency st petersburg

Travel agency st petersburg
No matter if you come to the cultural capital of Russia on a business trip, on a long  holiday or just to spend a weekend st Petersburg has a lot to offer. White Night Travel agency st petersburg is your local guide in the Venice of the North. We arrange all kinds of tours for groups, families and individual travelers. From a private tour around the Hermitage to extensive weekend st Petersburg tour package – the team of White Night Travel agency st petersburg will ensure you get the best possible service and  once in a lifetime travel experience. The most popular time to travel to St Petersburg is the period of white nights (two weeks before June 22 and two weeks after), however, it is good to visit the city in May, August and September too. This is the time when you can save on your trip: in May, August and September as well as at weekend st Petersburg hotels offer special rates that are lower than during the peak season of white nights in June. We invite you to discover Russia with White Night Travel agency st petersburg.

Many people like to do some research on the history and main sights before they travel to St Petersburg with travel agency St Petersburg,.  Many of them come well-prepared, they know about Peter the Great and his western ideas. They know what his followers did, how St Petersburg became the capital of the big Empire and one of the major European cities. They know about revolutions happened in the city in the beginning of the 20th century, they know about the siege of the WWII and the Soviet period, when the city was called Leningrad. Finally, they know about the life of the contemporary St Petersburg. However, when it comes to the period before Petersburg’s foundation, they have much less knowledge about the medieval past of the region.

If you have time, it is worth visiting one of the ancient towns and fortresses located a couple of hours away from St Petersburg. Wandering around these places steeped in history is like travelling back in time to the ancient Russia.

Travel agency st petersburg

The history of this lovely 13th century town is the story of a great mixture of people. The first settlement appeared here in 12th century. In 1293 the Swedes came to the place and built a castle on an island which got the name of “Vyborg”. The town grew around the castle protected by mighty walls and a moat. In 14th century the Novgorodians captured Vyborg and gave it back to Sweden in return for a big ransom. Many centuries latter in 1710 Russian Emperor Peter the Great conquered the city. In 1811 Vyborg and its surroundings became part of the Grand Principality of Finland. In the 20th century it was returned to Russia. Proximity and historic ties has made Vyborg a popular destination both for Russians and Finns. Russians come here to stroll about old downtown and see the only castle in Russia. Finns come to Vyborg (“Viipuri” in Finnish), which used to be the second largest city and cultural centre of Finland.

A medieval gem, Novgorod is one of the oldest and most important towns of ancient Russia. Over the years it lost its status and now is a peaceful little town surrounded by scenic countryside. However, Novgorod has not lost its cultural significance; its numerous ancient churches and preserved Kremlin are included in UNESCO world heritage list.

Located 250 km south-east of St Petersburg not far from Estonian border, Pskov is another famous medieval town with fascinating history and rich cultural heritage. Just like Novgorod it is a great place to escape from the city and explore the world of ancient Russia. The major attractions of Pskov are the Kremlin (which is more than 1000 years old), Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery (one of the oldest ones in Russia) and onion-domed churches dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries scattered about the downtown.

Apart from ancient towns there are many medieval fortresses around St Petersburg: Koporye, Staraya Ladoga and Oreshek. Though being pretty old these fortifications are well-preserved. In 1970s and 1980s they were restored and are open to visitors now.

If you decide to visit saint petersburg, you should also consider the time of the year. During your Russian holidays st petersburg weather may surprise you with its variability. April, summer time, September is very pleasant for those who planned to visit saint petersburg. April is still low-season, but the weather is nice and warm. What is more important, it is not so crowded at St Petersburg museums. Most of the guests, who spend their holidays st petersburg, can also enjoy the off-season rates at the hotels. Summer time is, of course, the busiest and the most expensive for the holiday-makers who visit saint petersburg. But the period of White Nights is like magic. Summer is definitely the best time to come to the cultural capital of Russia. So while arranging your holiday st petersburg, you should check the weather forecast. Though it could be pretty misleading. The citizens of our city always have their umbrellas with them. Sunny weather in the morning does not guarantee it in the evening.

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