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“St. Petersburg is the most fantastic city in the world”, Dostoevsky said at the end of the 19th century. Since then the city has not lost a bit of its charm. Numerous rivers and canals, gardens and parks,  Western European architecture, which you will not find on this scale anywhere in Russia, world-famous monuments, museums and theatres – all this is Russian St Petersburg, or as it is also known, “The Venice of the North”. St Petersburg has many other nicknames: “The City of White Nights”, “The Northern Capital of Russia”, “The Northern Palmyra”, “The City on Neva River” , “The Cradle of Revolution”, “The Window into Europe”, “The Cultural Capital” – all of them reflect  opinions about the city’s past and present, its historical and cultural importance. St Petersburg is truly full of historic and cultural treasures created during thousand years of Russian state. Attraction in St Petersburg feature more than a dozen monuments and sights of global importance, and the city itself is included on UNESCO World Heritage list.

St Petersburg is the only city in Russia where the old historical centre has remained almost intact. Today it retains the same architectural appearance as it had in the past. Over more than two centuries the best European and Russian architects Francesco  Rastrelli, Giacomo Quarenghi, Thomas de Thomon , Karl Rossi, Andrey Voronikhin, Auguste Montferrand, and many others, created the unrepeatable and distinct appearance of the Northern Venice. The Peter and Paul Fortress, Rostral Columns, the Winter Palace and other Hermitage museum buildings, along with Yusupov Palace, the Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s, Kazan and Smolny cathedrals head the list of St Petersburg sights. This list can run for a long time since there are more than two thousand architectural masterpieces, historical and cultural attractions in St Petersburg.

There are more than a hundred museums in St Petersburg including some of the oldest and largest ones in the world. St Petersburg is the location of Kunstkamera (Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography). It is the first public museum in Russia founded by Peter the Great in 1714. The Hermitage Museum founded by another Russian Empress Catherine the Great in 1764 ranks among the largest and most famous museums in the world. Its collection numbers more than three million exhibits from prehistoric times to the present. The Russian Museum located in the magnificent Mikhailovsky Palace has the world’s richest collection of Russian art, from ancient times to twentieth century avant-garde and soviet art. There are more than thirty theatres in St Petersburg including Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theatres that are known throughout the world. St Petersburg Male Choir and the symphony orchestra of the Shostakovich State Philharmonic also enjoy world fame.

St Petersburg has a lot to offer. We could go on and on about St Petersburg and its sights, but as an old proverb says: “It is better to see it once, than to hear about it hundred times”. We invite you to travel to St Petersburg and see everything with your own eyes.

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